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Imagine X Functional Neurology

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As our name implies, Imagine X is focused on more than just the treatment of disease and ailments.  Studies have shown that our thoughts, emotions and expectations significantly support or inhibit healing. We realize that your health concerns mean more to you than just pain or discomfort. Our treatment is highly customized depending on your conditions and goals for treatment. We combine therapies from many different fields of healthcare in a way that is appropriate for you. Our approach focuses not only on your physical health, but your overall quality of life. People who are focused on their end goal (their X) during treatment are more motivated, focused and more likely to be successful in achieving the result they want. Our goal is to allow you to accomplish whatever your X is. Whether it be playing with your kids again, running a marathon, or even taking an evening stroll with your spouse.  Throughout your treatment, we will encourage you to be imagining your X. 

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Dr. Adam and Mallory Harcourt

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Santa Barbara County – All, National, International

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(805) 962-1988

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