Los Padres Council welcomes Len Kamlet onto the Executive Committee



Los Padres Council, BSA (LPC) is pleased to announce the addition of Len Kamlet to its Executive Committee as our VP of Program. Len has a long history in the BSA as a youth member and a adult volunteer. Len has a PhD in Electrical Engineering from University of Michigan, have spent most of my career working with optical systems, the last 15-20 years with infrared systems (sensors, cameras, and currently electro-optical test equipment).   Currently working as the Quality Manager at Santa Barbara Infrared. He is proud father of 2, Joey and Jacqui.

Len is committed to helping all youth have the skills necessary to become our future leaders and invest his time in assuring our youth are prepared to develop and enhance their skills. He works with youth from all over SB and SLO counties on advancing their skill set and leads various training sessions for volunteers.

Los Padres Council serves youth in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Our aim is to help chartered organizations effectively use the Scouting program and expand the participation of  all families in an safe and inclusive environment.  In addition, Los Padres Council operates outdoor experiences through Camp Rancho Alegre by delivering education to youth in Southern California through operation of The Outdoor School.


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