Los Padres Council welcomes Christian Salgado as the newest member of the Executive Committee & Board

Los Padres Council, BSA (LPC) is pleased to announce the addition of Christian Salgado to its Executive Committee and Board. Christian is a native to the Central Coast and comes from a pioneer family that has worked and raised their children in the Santa Maria Valley for generations. Christian attended Santa Maria schools, just as his parents and grandparents did before him.  This has lead him to have a deep passion for helping youth in the valley achieve their goals.

Christian began his career in wealth management and worked over sixteen years in the financial services industry advising clients, as a licensed agent, for JP Morgan Chase in both Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. As result of that experience, he holds a deep understanding of wealth management and how it relates to sound estate planning. While working full time, Christian attended college, and ultimately earned his law degree from Oak Brook College of Law and Government Policy.

Christian and his wife, Brooke, have two young children and reside in Santa Maria. In addition to his board position Christian currently also holds a volunteer position in his son’s cub scout pack alongside Brooke as his entire family enjoys the outdoors and giving back to the community.

Los Padres Council serves youth in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Our aim is to help chartered organizations effectively use the Scouting program and expand the use of the program to other community groups. Los Padres Council operates outdoor experiences through Camp Rancho Alegre in Santa Barbara county.  Los Padres Council also delivers education to youth in Southern California through operation of The Outdoor School.

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