Local Collaborative Launches Effort to Increase Primary and Behavioral Health Care Access

Santa Barbara, Calif., January 17, 2017The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara announces the commencement of its Health Access and Care Coordination (HACC) Project, a year-long multi-agency collaborative, designed to improve access to primary care and behavioral health services for newly eligible MediCal recipients residing in affordable housing. The collaboration involves New Beginnings Counseling Center, PathPoint, Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics, Doctors Without Walls, Doctors Assisting Seniors at Home (DASH) and Vertical Change.

Funded through a grant from CenCal Health, the HACC Project is part of the Access Coordination and Expansion (ACE) Initiative, aimed at expanding access to health care through the coordination of primary and behavioral health services, for individuals that are newly covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

“The HACC Project provides our organization with an unprecedented opportunity to address the health care needs of the low-income residents we serve in the community, with an aim towards improved health outcomes,” said Rob Fredericks, Executive Director and CEO, Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara. “The Affordable Care Act goes a long way towards removing barriers to health care and we appreciate that our partners at CenCal Health recognize this need. All too often the health needs of low-income community members go unmet. This Initiative will provide the low-income households we serve with access to a variety of resources, including health and wellness activities, linkages to primary and preventative care as well as vital health screenings that will ensure improved health for the clients.”

The HACC collaborative will help facilitate the following for MediCal expansion members, with a primary focus on adults aged 19-65:

  • Increase access to mental health and immediate care services through the development of a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary team;
  • Provide health education and wellness programs;
  • Enhance care coordination across primary and behavioral health care delivery systems by assisting in health care navigation, linkages to formal services, arranging appointments, transportation to appointments, follow-up calls, and other disease management activities;
  • Provide home visits and “pop-up” clinics for physical and mental health assessments, and preliminary treatment;
  • Educate participants on how to avoid readmission to the hospital for basic health care needs; and
  • Connect participants with area health care providers in order to help them establish lasting relationships.

Newly hired Health Services Coordinator, Hannah Greenberg, will be organizing and leading the HACC collaborative. Ms. Greenberg received a M.S. in Healthcare Administration from the University of California San Francisco, and previously worked to coordinate the health needs of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the Santa Barbara community.

The HACC Project will be holding a free Community Health Fair on Saturday February 25th, 2017 at Franklin Neighborhood Center. The Health Fair will take place from 11:00am to 3:00pm, and attendees can receive health screenings, fitness classes, health education and healthy food, as well as prizes and giveaways. To learn more about the HACC project or Community Health Fair contact:  Hannah Greenberg at (805) 897-1054 or hgreenberg@hacsb.org.


About The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara

The Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara (HACSB) is a local public agency created for the purpose of providing safe, decent, and quality affordable housing and supportive services to eligible persons with limited incomes, through a variety of federal, state, local and private resources. Since 1969, the Housing Authority of the City of Santa Barbara has developed and/or secured over 3,600 units of affordable rental housing for Santa Barbara through a variety of federal, state, local and private funding sources. Please visit the website at www.hacsb.org

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