LEAF & Express Grant Deadline Monday, October 3rd!

LEAF Grants deadline is Monday, October 3rd! Here is the link to the application: http://www.sbfoundation.org/document.doc?id=575

For more information and education on the LEAF Grant please see our LEAF Grant Guidelines page: http://www.sbfoundation.org/document.doc?id=585

Check out some of the recent grant recipients:http://www.sbfoundation.org/leaf-grant-awards


Express Grant Deadline is Monday, October 3rd!!!

Types of eligible request include:
*Strategic Marketing, Communications or Donor Development Efforts
*Workshops & Training’s
*Organizational Assessments & Strategic Planning

For more information and education on the Express Grants please see our Helpful Tips page: http://www.sbfoundation.org/document.doc?id=589

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