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Dear friends,

Amanda Gordon, in sharing her inaugural poem, “The Hill We Climb”, held the hearts and hopes of millions around the world, reminding us that “There is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it. If only we’re brave enough to be it.”  It sparked in me a reminder of the importance of the work that all of us do every day to support people in having choice and control over lives they choose for themselves.
We emerge from the shadow of 2020 seeking new ways of working, new ways of being with one another to create the world we all seek, one where every person is valued for their unique gifts and contributions, and every person can thrive.
What stands before us is an imperative call to action to create workplaces that practice courage, compassion, and responsibility.  Business leaders have shared with me that new ways of working require teams to be more autonomous, but few staff, or managers feel confident in knowing how to cultivate needed trust and autonomy, whether sharing a workspace or working remotely.
We are deeply excited to share this personal invitation to join our Teams and Leaders Program for 2021 to build courage, trust and autonomy, so that you and your organization can emerge stronger in 2021.   As you plan end of fiscal year expenditures, invest in building your team’s leadership capacity to be prepared for what stands before us.  Teams and Leaders 2021 includes two amazing programs and limited spaces are available at an invitation only early bird price through February 1.  Dare to Lead will give you courage to rise, Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams will give you confidence to act.
Dare to Lead program based on Brene Brown’s research, facilitated by Helen Sanderson
A personal reflection and opportunity to learn skills needed to gain the courage to rise in your personal or professional leadership role.
Tuesdays from 11am to 2:30pm PT (includes a 30 min meal break) starting February 23 through March 23
Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams, a wonderful follow up to Dare to Lead, or a stand-alone program, filled with practical innovative strategies and person-centered approaches drawing from the work of thought leaders including Brene Brown, Frederic Laloux, Aaron Dignan, Ken Wilbur, Jim Collins,  John O’Brien, Beth Mount, Michael Smull, Helen Sanderson and more!
Facilitated by Helen Sanderson and Mary Beth Lepkowsky, participants will learn and apply new ways of working to build trusting relationships and embrace autonomy to fulfill their organizational purpose. Wednesdays from 9am to 12pm starting May 5 through May 26. 
Early Bird pricing until February 1
Teams and Leaders Series (both programs)   $950 per person ($650 per person savings) (to request additional discount when registering for both programs, email Julie@helensandersonassociates.com)
Dare to Lead only   $525 per person  ($375 savings) – use promo code EBDTL https://www.eventbrite.com/e/125359745373
Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams only $525 per person  ($175 savings) – use promo code EBBTAT https://www.eventbrite.com/e/125368702163 

Bonus: Teams of three or more from the same organization, registering for Building Trust and Autonomy in Teams, will have the bonus of 

  • an agile 4-week sprint, supported by H S A coaches to implement strategies to help you do your best work
  • a bonus session on June 30 to reflect and celebrate
In 2021 you might be wondering how you will provide quality in-house leadership training and support to your teams and leaders.  We would like to become one of your go to sources for building internal capacity to thrive.  We look forward to supporting you well.
Warmest wishes,

Mary Beth

Helen Sanderson Associates USA

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