Senior Project Manager – Strategy

Full Time, Part Time, Remote

Position: Senior Project Manager, Strategy

Type: Full time/exempt OR Part time/hourly, work-from-home position, with occasional in-person client and team meetings
NOTE: Our existing client load is about 20 hours/week. We are growing this line of business. Depending on the applicant, we can adjust the workload to accommodate full time/part time preferences.

Wage: Full time: Starting pay $68,000 – $78,000/year depending on experience/qualifications
Part time: Starting pay $35 – $40/hour depending on experience/qualifications

About the Company

We are in the business of changing the way organizations succeed. VISIONALITY has grown from a one-woman passion project to a team of innovative thinkers and creators, with over 60 years of combined nonprofit experience. Our team is dedicated to developing and implementing creative solutions that help our clients – nonprofits in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties – make the world a better place.

VISIONALITY works with organizations in periods of growth and decline, supporting them with strategic planning, mission-based fundraising & communications, and large-scale conference planning.

VISIONALITY was named one of the Pacific Coast Business Times’ ‘Best Places to Work’ in 2018, 2019 and 2021.

We aim to bring diversity, equity, access and inclusion into all aspects of our work – we are rooted in the philosophy to make the table bigger and the walls lower.

About Our Team

Our team is making magic happen with coffee, laughter and kindness. We have been intentional to cultivate a fun and inclusive work environment. In addition to being innovative, resourceful, and enthusiastic about our work, we firmly believe in maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

We kick people out of the “office” to get exercise. When an employee needs a mental health day, the team hops in to cover that day’s deliverables without question. We care deeply about one another’s successes… there are no “office politics” to navigate. And regardless of where you sit in the company’s org chart, you are encouraged to give and receive feedback to team members and call attention to ways we can improve internally and externally.

About the Opportunity

The Senior Project Manager, Strategy, is a key piece of VISIONALITY’s new business direction to help nonprofits experiencing periods of growth or decline build or re-build programs, operations, and company culture, focusing on sustainability, stability, and high ROI.

In addition to managing our high-level strategic clients, the Senior PM will also serve as a key staff member to lead this line of business and will uncover new business opportunities by serving as an external facing representative of the VISIONALITY Team. This position will report directly to the CEO.

Responsibilities include:

Strategic Planning Client Work, including:

  • Strategic Planning: works with our larger clients in periods of growth to analyze existing programs and operations, interview stakeholders and create 3-5 year strategic plans, including DEIJ, thriving wages and team culture, etc. Meets with clients for up to a year after completing the Plan to ensure it’s being utilized.
  • Turnaround Planning: works with our larger clients in periods of decline to analyze existing programs and operations, interview stakeholders and create 1-2 year turnaround plans, including modernizing programs, streamlining operations, addressing DEIJ shortcomings, diversifying income, etc. Manages the implementation of the Plan or meets with clients for up to a year after completing the Plan to ensure it’s being utilized.
  • Retreats: facilitates annual board and staff retreats, works with Client to create the agenda, creates all materials in advance of retreats (surveys, agenda, etc.), facilitates retreat (someone else will take detailed notes) with an eye towards DEIJ opportunities, sustainability, and board/staff capacity, creates Retreat Summary for the client.
  • Continuing Education: stays up to date on changing best practices in nonprofit management
  • Mentoring: mentors clients on how to manage change within their teams, the importance of DEIJ within every aspect of the organization, the ROI of investing in your team, etc.

Operations, including:

  • Collaboration: checks in with other strategic planning team members to assess workloads, help when needed
  • Contract Management: understands, tracks and meets goals as they pertain to the profitability of client contracts; i.e., tracking hours worked versus the client’s monthly retainer, working with team to ensure their contracts are also profitable and troubleshoot as needed

Business Development, including:

  • Uncovering Opportunities: attends networking and other community events as a key member of the VISIONALITY staff, occasionally meeting in-person with prospective clients and occasionally their board of directors
  • Proposals: works with Client Success Manager to draft and close proposals with potential clients
  • Relationship Building: cultivates strategic relationships and alliances that benefit VISIONALITY, its clients and community organizations
  • Client retention: works with Client Success Manager in Scope of Work conversations and contract renegotiations; presenting VISIONALITY staffs’ accomplishments to Board/stake holders

You are:

  • A savvy strategist who is highly skilled at change management, with a keen ability to lead difficult conversations with delicacy and composure
  • Excited to collaborate with other consultants to amplify the clients’ success
  • Well versed in the unique issues and opportunities of the nonprofit sector in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, and are excited to move the needle towards a more sustainable future for the industry
  • An experienced mentor with a proven track record for supporting and retaining a team; mentoring direct reports to achieve goals
  • A digital-savvy leader who can foster meaningful connection in a primarily digital workplace
  • An excellent and engaging communicator (written and oral); you can tailor your communication style and professional demeanor to earn the confidence of clients, stakeholders, and staff
  • A goal driven individual who is excited to help VISIONALITY grow and serve more clients
  • Committed to setting an example of healthy work/life balance


Your professional capabilities include:

  • We do not require a college education, but do expect that your professional experience will reflect this position’s responsibilities.
  • Must be able to work from home with own phone and reliable internet connection (we do provide a reimbursement to offset the cost of these requirements)
  • Reliable transportation for meetings and events; you must live within a commutable distance to Ventura and Santa Barbara County and be prepared to attend in-person meetings and networking events as needed (we pay for drive time and mileage)
  • Tech-savvy, strong knowledge of Office, Zoom, G-Suite and project management software (Monday.com)

Remote Work Requirements

Some jobs are remote at this time, but this job is FOREVER remote…we know remote work is not for everyone, so before applying, make sure you ARE capable of managing your priorities by yourself. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot allow employees to regularly work from coffee shops or other public spaces. VISIONALITY will provide employees with the necessary hardware (laptop, second monitor, etc.).

While we are a remote company, this position does have in-person obligations within Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties (client meetings, business development lunches, networking events, etc.). It is important to the success of our clients that our team live within the communities we serve. Though the frequency and nature of in-person obligations will fluctuate based on company needs, you can expect to meet in person an average of 2-4 times per week at various locations throughout Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties.

To Apply

Visit our online application to:

  1. Complete a brief questionnaire
  2. Submit your resume



This position will be offered with the following benefits:

  • Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance
  • Employer-Sponsored 401(k) Program
  • Paid Vacation and Paid Sick Time
  • Paid Holidays; includes all federal holidays and more
  • Ability to work from home
  • Flexible work schedule

Physical Demands:

This position requires the employee to remain in a stationary position for up to 8 hours a day. The employee must operate a computer and other office equipment. In addition to the sedentary requirements of the position, the employee will also attend meetings that will require the employee to drive or have another form of reliable transportation.


VISIONALITY Non-Discrimination Statement

VISIONALITY is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, age, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, or economic status.

VISIONALITY strives to build an inclusive team in which individuals are comfortable bringing their full selves to the workplace.

VISIONALITY believes that a team made up of diverse experiences, perspectives, and cultures is best equipped to build trust and communication with our clients – and in doing so, help them achieve their missions and make this world a better place.


VISIONALITY Return to Work Commitment

Whether you took time off for your family, military service, educational goals, health, or were forced into “extended time off” because of COVID, we value your entire life experience, and want you to feel comfortable applying for this position. After all, VISIONALITY’s culture depends on a wide range of talent, perspectives, and life experiences. If your little one (dog, human, etc.) needs to join an occasional team meeting, they will be welcome. As a fully remote company, we encourage you to bring your FULL SELF to work every single day. If you are returning to work, we hope you consider applying for this position.

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