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Veggie Rescue


Veggie Rescue is seeking a Development Consultant to help us create a development plan that will:

  • Include an assessment of our overall fundraising landscape opportunities and challenges
  • Grow awareness of our program in the communities we serve, in both North and South County
  • Grow our individual donor base
  • Diversify our donor base across the communities that we serve
  • Be strategic, attainable and measurable for a small, growing nonprofit with limited resources and staff

The mission of Veggie Rescue is to improve the nutrition and quality of life for community members who are struggling with food insecurity by providing them with healthy, local produce and high-quality prepared food, and to work with farmers and local businesses to reduce food waste. To carry out our mission, Veggie Rescue collects fresh fruits, vegetables and prepared food from local farms, farmers markets, backyards, and businesses, then delivers this food directly to nonprofit recipient organizations feeding community members in need.

Veggie Rescue partners with 50+ farms and businesses in SB County to rescue fresh produce that would otherwise go to waste. We then deliver that food to 60+ food pantries, shelters, senior centers, home delivery and youth programs who are doing charitable feeding, from Santa Maria to Carpinteria. We address food insecurity, reduce food waste and greenhouse gas emissions, and provide access to nutrient dense produce for those in our county most in need.

Though the percentage is growing, currently Individual Contributions make up just 20% of our contributed revenue. Of that, an estimated 95% comes from our board members and the Santa Ynez Valley, where we were founded in 2011.

Over the last 10 years Veggie Rescue has grown from being a small gleaning organization, with volunteers harvesting ~50,000 lbs of produce per year, to a small team of drivers picking up over 500,000 lbs of harvested produce and packaged food per year. This is the annual equivalent of $962,000 worth of food that would otherwise have gone to waste, making up 455,000 meals delivered to nonprofits throughout the county. Through improvements in operational efficiency, and the addition of new food donor partners, we are on track to continue to grow those numbers each year by an estimated 5-10% based on supply.

To ensure our sustainability and growth, we are seeking expertise to grow the awareness of our program, and the vital role we play throughout Santa Barbara County in providing access to fresh, locally grown produce to those in our community who may otherwise not be able to afford or access it.


  • Demonstrated experience in developing a multi-year fundraising strategy
  • Experience leading a team to successfully growing individual contributions in a small nonprofit environment and management to established metrics
  • Knowledge of the fundraising landscape in both North and South Santa Barbara County.
  • Client references

The scope of the project is to work with the Development Committee to develop a multi-year fundraising strategy. The strategy will be executed by a part-time Development Manager, the Executive Director and the board.



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