Guadalupe bike riders get a boost with classes

Len Wood   January 27, 2020

Nearly 300 students at Mary Buren Elementary School in Guadalupe learned how to ride bikes and sharpen their safety skills, courtesy of five weeks of classes.

About 50% of the second and third graders had never ridden a bike before, according to Principal Maria Gonzales.

“Seeing them ride right now, that smile says it all,” Gonzales said. “It’s brought a lot of mindfulness with being safe with their bikes and a sense of peacefulness just being out there.”

A particular challenge in Guadalupe is Highway 1, which splits the district. 

“Just knowing the rules, the safety needs, the signals will be beneficial for our kids, Gonzales said.

One need remains though: more helmets. 

As students have begun riding their bikes to school, Gonzales noticed some don’t have helmets and hopes to find a way to provide the safety headgear though donations.

The bicycle safety instruction was led by the Bicycle Coalition’s SBBIKE program and funded by the Audacious Foundation. The foundation sponsors 12 schools in Santa Barbara County to support nonacademic programs.

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