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  • Hello!

    I’m curious to know if any nonprofits subscribe to FoundationSearch. It’s a searchable database of 125,000 foundations and seems like a pretty incredible tool for finding untapped sources of funding. I’m eager to receive any feedback about their services from local nonprofits. Is it worth the membership fee? Or did your organization decide that in-house research using Guidestar and Foundation Directory Online was sufficient? Was it helpful for only the first year after you gleaned info about new grant opportunities? Any specific features of their product stand out to you as particularly helpful?

    Thank you for any insight you can provide!

    -Trinity Schwartz

    • Hi Trinity!

      I have used FoundationSearch and it definitely has some good information and has been helpful to me. I believe that their info comes mostly from the 990s, rather than the foundations themselves (I could be wrong on that though), and I have noticed quite a few records with incorrect or outdated information. I believe it costs 5,000-$8,000 (or maybe more now) for a multi-year contract. So, perhaps that is not worth the money when we can access the Foundation Directory Online for free at the library.

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