Girls Inc. of Carpinteria Launches She Votes, Marks 100th Anniversary of 19th Amendment

Girls Inc. of Carpinteria has launched its She Votes 2020 program, an educational, nonpartisan initiative that supports girls of all ages to gain the skills and confidence to be future voters, candidates, and political leaders.

Through She Votes, girls learn how legislators make decisions at all levels of government and how those decisions impact girls’ lives. The organization’s staff will expose girls to the excitement of government and running for office through relevant activities, virtual speakers, researching candidates and holding mock elections.

As part of the She Votes 2020 initiative, Girls Inc. is also taking the opportunity to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment on August 18, which formally gave “women” the right to vote, but in practice blocked all but white women from the ballot box. It took more than half a century later for women of color to access the ballot with the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

The nonprofit is thus marking this time as an opportunity to address historic injustices and celebrate missing voices.

“While we acknowledge the significance of the 19th Amendment during this milestone year – we must remember that the 1920 victory was incomplete and built upon racist divisions,” said Jamie Collins, executive director of Girls Inc. of Carpinteria. “She Votes teaches girls about the role they can play in our democracy, the power of their voices, and that without the voices of ALL girls and women, our democracy is incomplete.”

In honor of the centennial, this year’s program will focus on honoring Black suffrage leaders; contextualizing the 19th Amendment as one event among many along the road to the vote for women; celebrating Girls Inc. girls as informed voters and soon-to-be voters; and acknowledging how voter disenfranchisement continues today in many of our communities.

The program and its various initiatives will run through the November 3rd election.

“Girls are innately powerful, and with the right opportunities and support they can grow up to be leaders and change agents in the world,” added Collins.

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