Family Service Agency Relationship Classes Start in January

While we all know that spending time together as a couple is key to having a successful relationship, for working parents with young children, it often feels impossible to find that “couple” time.

Parents attending Family Service Agency’s (FSA) free Healthy Relationships Classes, however, sometimes find that they have more free time than they think when they are asked to examine their schedules. An hour glued to Netflix here and a few minutes scrolling through a Facebook account there add up quickly. This screen-time represents many lost opportunities for personal time away from children and other responsibilities to connect with a partner, which helps couples feel healthier, reduce stress and reconnect with one another.

Finding this time to be together, along with learning fun, inexpensive activities, are among the many focuses in FSA’s weekly Healthy Relationships Classes that begin in January in Carpinteria. Childcare is provided to allow parents to attend classes, which are available in English and Spanish.

“There are many small things that can add up to a healthy relationship that we tend to forget, such as some relatively simple communication techniques like not interrupting a partner, assuming you know what they’re going to say,” said Candy Garcia, Lead Parent Educator for Family Services Agency. “Maintaining a healthy connection with a partner goes hand in hand with a happy home life, and we want to give you the tools you need to create stronger family unions.”

Healthy Relationships Classes – Within Our Reach will be offered in English and in Spanish in Carpinteria starting in January. For more information or to enroll, Candy Garcia, (805) 335-0126, or Andrea Fuentes, (805) 220-0962,  


Wednesdays beginning January 9, 5-7:30 p.m. (9 weeks)

Carpinteria Children’s Project, 5201 8th St, Carpinteria


Tuesdays beginning January 8, 5-7:30 p.m. (9 weeks)

Carpinteria Children’s Project, 5201 8th St, Carpinteria

Also coming in January, 14-week Parenting Classes – Nurturing Skills for Families will begin January 17 in English and January 22 in Spanish.

About Family Service Agency of Santa Barbara County

The mission of Family Service Agency (FSA) is to strengthen and advocate for families and individuals of all ages and diversities, helping to create and preserve a healthy community. FSA is regarded as one of Santa Barbara County’s most reliable and effective nonprofit human service organizations. Established in 1899, FSA improves the health and well-being of our community’s most vulnerable children, families and seniors by ensuring access to food, shelter and other basic needs, as well as providing youth mentoring, case management, substance abuse treatment, advocacy, and a wide-array of mental health programs. For more information, visit

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