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Site Assessment 101

February 15 @ 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Join us to get to know your landscape better and empower yourself to participate in making decisions about making your property more water wise.
In this class you will learn about how to
  • create a site plan,
  • plot the trees and plants in your landscape,
  • find out what happens to water on your property,
  • calculate how much rainwater you can capture from you roof and where might be best to put it,
  • determine how much greywater could be available to use in your landscape,
  • determine your soil characteristics,
  • learn how to read a water bill,
  • make a water use goal,
  • get resources about plants that do well in our area, water needs of plants and trees and how to best care for them,
  • decide what ways your landscape can become more water wise.

 Register now or just show up at the beginning of the class. When you register online for a Sweetwater event, we automatically add your email address to receive our occasional e-bulletin of upcoming hands-on workshops and other events.

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