Cornerstone Community Room Usage Policy & Agreement

Cornerstone Community Room Usage Policies

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The Community Cornerstone Room has been established and underwritten for the community’s use by Hutton Parker Foundation, Santa Barbara Foundation, The Fund for Santa Barbara and the McCune Foundation (CCR Sponsors).

Room Request Process: In order to reserve meeting space, a request must be submitted on line here. Please note that this is merely a request until you have received final confirmation.

In advance of meeting scheduling, each requesting organization (Guest Organization) must have a signed room usage agreement on file including an identified person responsible for any unanticipated damage to the facility or charges incurred in clean up and/or resetting standard layout.

Your request will be confirmed or denied within 48 hours via email assuming a signed room usage agreement is on file.

Eligible Users: The following entities are eligible to use meeting space, in priority order: 1) CCR Sponsors, 2) All current Community Cornerstone tenants, 3) Nonprofit organizations in Santa Barbara County, 4) Community Groups in Santa Barbara County. All organizations planning to use the meeting space must provide proof of nonprofit status (IRS Notification Letter).

Guest organizations may schedule use of the facility on a first come, first served basis. The CCR Sponsors reserve the right to refuse any request.

Hours of Operation: The Cornerstone Community Room is available Tuesday – Saturday, from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm and Sunday, from 12:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Special requests for room usage outside these times will be considered on an as needed basis.

Cancellation Policy: The CCR Sponsors reserve the right to cancel any meeting with a 7-day notice. Guest Organizations may cancel or reschedule within 48 hours of the original reservation start time. Failure to provide this notification may affect future facility use privileges.

Set Up & Break Down of Room: The Cornerstone Community Room has a standard room set-up located near the entrance. If moved, the Guest Organization is responsible for the return of tables and chairs to their original location. The Guest Organization is also responsible to move any furniture to accommodate their meeting. We encourage Guest Organizations to set aside thirty (30) minutes for set-up and at least thirty (30) minutes for clean-up.

Only non-toxic painters tape and self-adhesive easel paper are permitted on the walls. Please use caution to prevent markers bleeding through leaving permanent marks on any wall space. Any violation of this request will be assessed a damage charge and may affect future facility use. Meeting related materials and promotional brochures may not be left in the room nor affixed to any wall.

Groups must vacate the facility at the designated time as stated in the written request for room usage submitted by the organization. If the room is not returned to the original set-up, future room usage may be prohibited.

Parking: Some unreserved parking is available in the parking lot located between the Community Cornerstone Building and the Santa Maria Children’s Discovery Museum. Street parking is encouraged.

Catering: The Guest Organization is responsible for arranging catering services, set-up and removal of all food. All trash must be removed and placed in the proper receptacles. The time for set up, clean up and catering must be included in total time reserved.

A representative of the Guest Organization must be physically present to accept all catering deliveries and is responsible to pay the bill in full upon delivery. It is the responsibility of the Guest Organization to supply any and all paper goods, knives/forks, cups, napkins and serving utensils. All left over food and garbage must be disposed of in garbage receptacles outside the building prior to leaving the premises. Any garbage and/or food left in the room will trigger a clean-up fee and a charge will be automatically assessed.

Technology & A/V: Guest organizations are responsible for all equipment in the room and agree to replace equipment if it is damaged or removed during or immediately after their usage. Any damage to equipment will be the responsibility of the Guest Organization. No exceptions.

Alcohol Consumption on the Premises: The Guest Organization may provide alcoholic beverages (wine and/or beer only) for evening or weekend events. Guest Organization must provide proof of liability insurance to cover such activities before scheduling meetings/events that include alcoholic beverages.

Cell Phone Use: Cell phone use is limited to outside the building.
Wireless Access: Wireless access codes must be requested in advance of each event.

Damage: Any damages, spills, etc. should be reported immediately to Hutton Parker Foundation at or 805-957-4740 x105. Any and all damage is the sole responsibility of the Guest Organization. Groups leaving the space in poor condition may be charged for the cleaning of the facility and may be denied future use. This includes the meeting area, kitchen and restroom facilities.

Hold Harmless: Guest Organizations shall hold harmless and indemnify Hutton Foundation against any penalty, damage or charge imposed for any violation of any laws, ordinances, regulations, permits and approvals occasioned by Guest Organization including, but not limited to, injury to or death of any person or persons and injured property arising out of any accident or other occurrence on or about the premises which arises out of or is caused by the negligence or omission of Guest Organization, its agents, employees, servants, guests or invitees, or any failure of the Guest Organization in any respect to comply with and perform the requirements and provisions of this Agreement.

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THE FUND FOR SANTA BARBARA 805-922-1707 (Santa Maria) or 805-962-9164 (Santa Barbara)