Conflict Solutions Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Jammie Stone-Stevens and Esther Cortez

Conflict Solutions Center (CSC) has recently welcomed Jammie Stone-Stevens to its team as Programs Coordinator.

JammieJammie received her BA in psychology from Brandman University and is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a license in Professional Clinical Counseling. Stevens believes that with the right tools “growth can be a significant result of conflict” and embraces the concept that conflict ultimately builds deeper relationships. Steven’s maintains that regardless of a person’s situation, everyone deserves respect because “anyone in conflict has her own personal story.” There is a dire need for awareness that behavior of individuals in conflict is often the result of “needs not being met.” Jammie’s deep desire to transform the energy of conflict into personal growth will surely transform the lives of many in the Santa Barbara community.

Esther Cortez, a recent Criminal Justice graduate of Cal State Northridge, has been appointed as CSC’s new Restorative Justice Program Coordinator. Cortez enthusiastically shared “I have a passion for working with juvenile offenders and guiding them toward a future out of the criminal justice system.” Born and raised in Santa Maria, Esther has an acute awareness of the complexities of conflict from first hand experience, “I had many friends that came from challenging realities and gang lifestyles…I knew there was a need for change in my community and knew there was more that could be done for youth.”  Prior to joining CSC, Esther mentored juvenile offenders, offering skills such as goal setting. The internship “was a life changing experience and reassurance me that this is the population I want to work with.”

There is no doubt that with these two women as part of the Santa Barbara Conflict Solutions Center’s team, CSC’s mission of building community is one step closer to becoming a reality, “one peace at a time!”

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