Conflict Solutions Center Announces Recent Graduates of Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Training

Conflict Solutions Center (CSC) is proud to announce 14 recent graduates of its Spring 2014 Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Training. CSC graduates are prepared to employ appropriate and successful methods for settling disputes in business, personal, and social settings. Additionally, each mediation trainee is provided mentorship and continuing education while volunteering in Santa Barbara County’s Superior Court, Small Claims Division.

Spring 2014 Graduates

List of Graduates:

Marlene Clanton – Retired

Leslie Corcos – Counselor

Robin Corcos – Teacher

Luciana Cramer – Dementia Care Specialist

Leonard Flippen – Addictions Treatment Counselor

Kelly Higgins – Criminal Defense Attorney

Sandy Lin – PhD Student, Santa Barbara

Marisol Mariscal – Graduate Student

Alicia Nowicki – Community Worker

Annie Parry – RN

Donna Marie Pearce – Former Military / Law Enforcement

Elena Quevedo – Student and Mother

Lorraine Woodward – Attorney and Pro Tem Judge

Rosaleen Wynn – Attorney


About Conflict Solutions Center:

Founded in 1989, CSC is a community-based non-profit organization committed to the development of non-adversarial responses to conflict and differences that strengthen social harmony and support individual healing. The organization serves the communities of Santa Barbara County by providing Conflict Resolution Consultation, Community Mediation, Parent/Teen Mediation, and Small Claims Mediation. In 2013, CSC mediated 82 cases, resulting in 60 mutually determined agreements.  


Upcoming Summer Training:

CSC is offering a 36-hour conflict resolution and mediation skills training over six Saturdays: July 12, 19, & 26 in Santa Barbara, and August 2, 9, & 16 in Santa Maria. Community members interested in serving as volunteer mediators in Small Claims Court, for neighborhood, parent/teen, or business disputes, or individuals simply seeking to improve their own communication and conflict resolution skills are encouraged to attend. For more information, visit

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