Compensation & Benefits Survey 2016


The Compensation and Benefits Survey (C+B) is the region’s only nonprofit salary data resource. Each year, hundreds of the Southern and Central California’s nonprofit organizations are surveyed to gather current, local nonprofit compensation and benefits practices and trends. This year, NPRN is partnering with the Center for Nonprofit Management to create a Santa Barbara County specific report.

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Why We Need You To Take the Survey

This tool is the only resource of its kind, and it’s created by you. It’s simple: the more data we collect, the better the picture we get on what is happening in the area. We need 501(c)(3)s of all sizes to participate to get an accurate snapshot of the salary landscape, which is critical for two reasons:

  1. IRS Compliance. The Internal Revenue Service requires that nonprofit executive’s pay be reasonable. While reasonable isn’t defined, it is determined by factors such as: job description, education and experience, average compensation in your area, hours worked, and organization budget. The C+B covers these factors, making it a critical tool in staying compliant.
  2. Employee Acquisition and Retention. Having a great staff is imperative to achieving your mission. Getting and keeping that staff is a matter of offering them the right salary and benefits package. The C+B is the only Southern California-specific nonprofit salary data out there, making it the best tool to build the best team.

What’s in it for me?

We appreciate the time and effort you put into this resource, so we are offering the following incentives:

  • Santa Barbara County specific incentive! In partnership with NPRN, Center for Nonprofit Management has agreed to develop a Santa Barbara County specific report using the results from our region. Each participant will be the first to get a free digital copy for taking the time to complete the survey.

In addition, you’ll receive the following for participating:

  • Participants will receive $200 off the price of the C+B book
  • Participants will receive a free salary comparison. See an example of one and how it can help you here.
  • $35 off Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM) Employer’s Summit (on April 25th).

All of that on top of knowing that you’re helping the nonprofit sector.

Helpful Links

Get Personalized Salary Information

Participants will receive a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which is a personalized report that lays out a clear picture of how your organization’s salaries compare to organizations of similar budget size, geographic location, field of service and number of employees.

Why should my organization participate in the survey?

By working together to create this resource, we are ensuring that we all have the data necessary to make strategic decisions and provide our boards with market-driven criteria to remain in compliance with federal standards.

Who participates in the survey?

Over 500 nonprofit organizations of all budgets and staff sizes participate. This survey is unique as it is the only survey for Southern and Central California nonprofit organizations. Our data provides current and local trends to the region’s nonprofits. It is important to complete the survey, regardless of size or annual operating budget. There are many organizations that are small so your data is important in providing relevant data to other smaller nonprofits.

If I filled the survey out last year, why should I fill it out again?

Every year your data changes, so it is important to participate in the survey annually. As a past participant all you need to do is update and make any changes to your data from years previous. It’s easy!

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