Chabad of S. Barbara Invites Community to “Purim at the Sea” on Thursday, March 5th

In anticipation of the upcoming Jewish festival of Purim (celebrated Chabad Purim Partythis year on March 4-5), Chabad of S. Barbara will host its 4th annual Purim celebration “Purim at the Sea” on Thursday, March 5th, from 5:00-7:00pm in the Cabrillo Pavilion Arts Center, 1118 E. Cabrillo Blvd., Santa Barbara.

“Purim celebrates G-d’s hidden hand always directing the show,” said Rabbi Zalmy Kudan, Chabad of S. Barbara’s youth director. “Even though we don’t always see it, we must uncover the hidden good in everything.”

This year’s festive Purim party will include a catered Israeli dinner, with schwarma, falafel, and traditional “Haman Taschen” – three-cornered cookies of various flavors – as part of the menu. The event will also feature a juggling show by the gravity-defying Jason Jiang, as seen on the David Letterman Show, live music, face painting, and crafts.

Purim, the most joyous Holiday of the Jewish calendar, commemorates the victory of the Jews over the wicked Haman, nearly 2,400 years ago. On this day, through the intervention of the heroine Queen Esther, the Jews were spared total annihilation. 

The happiness of the day is expressed by sending gifts of food to friends, giving charity to the poor, and most of all, by a grand, celebratory feast. In addition, a special scroll, known as the “Megillah,” is read, which recounts the entire story of Purim. Dressing up in a costume is customary, and all children in costume at the event will receive a prize.

The festive Purim dinner will begin at 5:00pm with the Megillah being read at 5:30pm. Chabad of S. Barbara welcomes all in the community to join regardless of affiliation or background.

Admission is $12 for adults and $54 for families. Space is limited and attendees are asked to RSVP online at, email, or call 805.275.4083.

For more information on Chabad’s Purim festivities or on the holiday of Purim and its observances, contact Chabad of S. Barbara at 805.275.4083 or visit

About Chabad of S. Barbara
Chabad of S. Barbara is dedicated to serving all Jews throughout S. Barbara County with unconditional love, respect and concern. Chabad is committed to promoting Jewish knowledge, awareness and practice, strengthening Jewish identity and affording every Jew the opportunity to experience the joy and vibrancy of his or her Jewish heritage. Chabad is devoted to providing exemplary educational, religious, and social services for young and old alike, regardless of background or affiliation. Chabad pledges to fulfill the mandate of the Lubavitcher Rebbe by increasing in acts of goodness and kindness for all humankind; thus preparing the world for the ultimate redemption.

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