Carpinteria Lions Honor Angel Flight West with grant to support the organization’s programs in the tri-county area.

At a recent gathering in Palm Desert, the Carpinteria Lions Club presented Angel Flight West with a $500 grant to support the organization’s programs in the tri-county area.

Through a network of volunteer pilots and airline partners, Angel Flight West (AFW) arranges free air transportation for people who need to travel long distances to get to their non-emergency medical appointments. Jeff Moorhouse is one of those pilots.
“Angel Flight West gives pilots the opportunity for meaningful flight, making us a significant part of the patient’s treatment team,” says Moorhouse, a Carpinteria Lion Past President.

Victor B. was one of Moorhouse’s passengers. Victor has cancer and medical bills had exhausted the family’s finances. He and his wife had to sell their home and couldn’t afford to have their car repaired. So when doctors referred him to a specialist at Stanford Medical Center, they didn’t know how they could possibly get there. But with Angel Flight West as their airline, Victor was able to get the care he needed.
And when mudslides closed the 101 in 2018, AFW pilots were there to fly patients to their appointments and health care professionals to their clinics.

“We are so honored be recognized by the Carpinteria Lions Club with this gift,” said AFW’s Executive Director Josh Olson. “Their support means we can help more people like Victor.” To volunteer, donate, or request a flight, please contact Angel Flight West at (310) 390-2958 or To learn more about the Carpinteria Lions Club, visit the website at

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