Calling All Women in the Military – Past & Present to Be Part of Veteran’s Concert in November

The Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation presents a free concert each year in Santa Barbara to honor our nation’s military veterans and current personnel.  Board member Marilyn Gilbert produces the concert each year during Veterans Day weekend.  It is a musical tribute and performed by full orchestra, the Santa Barbara Choral Society, bagpipers, speakers and more.

This year the concert will be themed “Honoring Women in the Military.”  Gilbert is seeking to contact as many women in the military – past and present – and have them attend and/or participate in this year’s concert.  “My idea is to have a phalanx of women march up the center aisle of the First Presbyterian Church to kick off the concert this year,” said Gilbert.  “It’s time to honor the ‘silent majority’ and thank them for their service to this country.”  If you are a veteran or currently in active duty or know a woman who is, please pass this opportunity onto her.  Ideally 100 women will be found to make this theme really come alive. 

All veterans and current military personnel and the public are invited to attend free of charge.  The concert this year will occur on Sunday, November 9th at 3:00 pm, at the First Presbyterian Church, located at State and Constance Streets. Save the date!

For more information, please contact Marilyn Gilbert (pictured here) at  (805) 969-7183 or by email:


2 thoughts on “Calling All Women in the Military – Past & Present to Be Part of Veteran’s Concert in November

  1. Maureen 'Mo' Post author

    Tried to post a photo several times, but it would not work. Ignore my notation “pictured here” I can’t edit that out either.
    Get in touch with Marilyn if you want to be a part of this concert – and no you don’t have to be a singer. 😉

    1. Ella

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