NPRN Community Members, Things are moving very quickly related to the impact of COVID 19 / Coronavirus and its impact on our community. NPRN is moving quickly to help collect and distribute information about COVID 10 / Coronavirus – especially as it relates to how the nonprofit sector is responding and needs support. Submit Your […]

CAC Opens First Café That Gives All Net Profits to Feed Seniors County Wide 

GOLETA, CA – Community Action Commission of Santa Barbara County (CAC) announces the opening of The Art of Giving Back Café and Catering Company, the county’s first café and catering social enterprise business. All net profits are contributed to feed low-income seniors. The cafe also caters breakfasts, boardroom lunches, and other meetings for both small […]

Nonprofit Earned Income Training Programs

By Peter Brill and Mariah Miller The Santa Barbara Foundation plans to create an institution with programs providing technical support to nonprofits. Based on our research, we believe it is essential for part of that effort to include a program providing them with technical support in developing alternative sources of funding through additional revenues and, […]

Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) Workshop: How to Make Community Events Accessible to Persons with Disabilities

On May 6th, 2019 the Independent Living Resource Center (ILRC) will be hosting a workshop on how to make community events accessible to persons with disabilities The workshop will be from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Dick DeWees Center in Lompoc.  This workshop will demonstrate ILRC‘s focus to advocate for the inclusion of people with disabilities in […]

Five Mistakes to Avoid in Grant Writing

By Kelsey Maloney, The Write Team Junior Partner Grant writing is a funny world. Some might say, “It’s easy– just follow the directions!” But the directions aren’t always clear, and it’s easy to miss something. Over my five years of grant writing, I’ve made many mistakes that have helped me learn what NOT to do. […]

NPRN Visits Youth Interactive’s New Home – Nonprofit Office Space Available!

I ran into Ryan Muzzy from Youth Interactive who excitedly shared the news about their new home on State Street.  We took some time a couple of weeks ago to meet with Estrella Campos, Co-lab Operations Manager and Ryan to tour their new home. 1218 State Street is the former home of the Unity Shoppe. […]

Finding Funders that Fit

Have you ever heard anyone say, “Why don’t we just write up a letter of inquiry and send it out to a bunch of foundations and see what sticks? What’s the downside?” I can practically feel the foundation staff members cringing right now. According to a couple of foundation representatives I spoke with, this “scattershot” […]

CalNonprofits – Legislative Wins and Losses in 2018

This article was written by CalNonprofits.  NPRN is sharing as a service to the SB County nonprofit sector. Collective nonprofit advocacy powered these bills to the finish line! Now that Governor Brown’s deadline to sign or veto bills has passed, we’re writing to share our legislative wrap-up of bills we worked on. We’re proud to […]


Breaking news: The US Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that politically active nonprofit groups will have to disclose the identity of certain donors (those giving more than $200) when these organizations advertise for or against a political candidate.  In this article, we explain why a nonprofit may want to form a separate C4, and we look […]

Nonprofit Business Models – Apples to Zucchini Cooking School

Apples to Zucchini Cooking School was co-founded by Nancy Martz and Terra Hillyer in the fall of 2015 and began offering classes in the spring  of 2016 with Chef Michele Malony. Students have been learning dicing, mincing, stirring, blending, chopping, tasting and community food sharing ever since. What service do you provide? We offer cooking […]