Community Responses to Santa Barbara’s Child Hunger Statistics

Last week, the Santa Barbara Independent published an article entitled “Children Go Hungry in Santa Barbara: Santa Barbara County Has the Highest Child Poverty Rate in California”. In it, readers were presented with startling statistics, such as the fact that more than 28,000 children are at risk of not having enough to eat in Santa […]

Foundation Conversation: Outhwaite Foundation

Welcome back to the blog column of the Grant Center in which we talk with foundation leaders to get some detailed information about their values, practices, and viewpoints. Please email us at if you have specific questions you would like us to ask a funder. A conversation with John Poucher, Trustee, and Tori Moray, […]

Preparing For A Site Visit

“Yahoo! We’re getting a site visit. We are awesome!” Making it to this point in the grant application process can be exhilarating, and it can be tempting to pat yourself on the back and relax until the day of the visit. The truth is, these visits do make a difference, and the more prepared you […]

What Now? Actions for Nonprofits in Disaster-Affected Communities

Guest Series with Expert Roger Craver About Roger: From his first days, 45 years ago as a co-founder of Common Cause and other major organizations, to his current role as a board member for the ACLU and national fundraising expert advisor, Roger’s strategic mind and optimistic nature have supported organizers nationally and abroad. His close […]

Forecast for 2018: Cloudy

How will 2018 shake out for our nonprofit sector in Santa Barbara County? What will be the medium- and long-term effects on non-disaster related agencies of the devastation our community faced (and is still facing) through the Thomas Fire and ensuing debris flows? The forecast for fundraising in Santa Barbara in 2018 is cloudy. There […]

Hutton Parker Foundation Announces Quick Response Crisis Grant Program

The Thomas Fire and the ensuing Montecito Mudflows have delivered a disaster to Santa Barbara that hasn’t been felt since the 1925 earthquake.  Lives lost, property destroyed and many local businesses under server economic pressure. This is certainly a time to mourn the loss of all that has happened, but now is also a time […]

How to Be an LOI Hero

Securing funds for your non-profit’s crucial mission is challenging and rewarding.  The work of a grant-writer is behind the scenes, making you one of the unsung heroes of the non-profit world. If winning a grant for your agency is a hero’s journey, then the first step of the journey is often an LOI (letter of […]

Fires, Floods… and the Friendship Center

Friendship Center is not just a day program for those with Alzheimer’s and other dementias.  We are not just a social center where members are welcomed with a light breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack along with a day full of engaging activities and the care and attention you’d want for your own […]

Thomas Fire Report from Freedom Warming Centers

Freedom Warming Centers are shorter-term emergency shelters that operate (activate) when temperatures or a combination of weather conditions can be life-threatening for individuals, many living with chronic health conditions. Outside of our normal activation triggers – Due to poor air quality conditions affecting the city of Santa Barbara the Freedom Warming Centers made the decision […]

Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Emergency Food Distribution in Aftermath of Montecito Flood

Foodbank collaborates to provide healthy food and fresh produce to evacuees, first responders, students and those facing flood-related loss of work and income (Santa Barbara, CA / January 16, 2018) – The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County is ensuring that fresh produce and healthy groceries are available to those affected by the Montecito Flood, the […]