Awesome Performance Opportunity For Girls 6-18 Years Old at the Lobero Theatre

Hi Everyone,
We are so excited to have joining us September 30th at the Lobero Theatre for our Raise Her Voice Benefit. Below please find all the details for practices, arrival times to the venue and more. 
  1. Practices: will be held at the Makenzie Adult Building located in Makenzie Park on both Sunday September 16th and Sunday September 23rd from 10-12 pm. Ideally you will be able to make at least 1 practice. If you are coming from out of town, there might be able to be an exception and you can email us. Please bring a water bottle and snack. The address is 3111 State Street , Santa Barbara, CA . Please enter via park entrance from Las Positas. 
  2. Day of Show: Please arrive with your families at what ever time your family is prepared to attend the event. Girls will sit in the audience to enjoy the show and will be asked to come to the stage at the end of the first half of the event to perform. 
  3. Tickets: All tickets for girls under 18 are free with the purchase of a general admission adult ticket. All performer tickets are free. Tickets can be purchased online here
  4. Our Goal: is to have as many girls on stage singing as possible, they don’t need to have been a part of our program before. This is just an awesome way to perform. Grab your best girlfriends and have them sign uphere to participate. Imagine all 10 of you linking arms singing with a full live band to hundreds of audience members with pop artists Sophie Rose. It’s gonna be awesome. We have space for another 30 girls. 
  5. What Will We Be Singing: Girls will be performing a rendition of the iconic song ” Rebel Girl ” by Kathleen Hanna. We have updated the lyrics that you can find attached. This song is about youth, friendship and standing up for each other. 
  6. Any Questions: Email us and we will be happy to answer any additional questions for you. 

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