Author, Social Psychologist, and Women’s March Speaker Dr. Aida Hurtado to Address Women United Luncheon Attendees

Dr. Aida Hurtado will be the featured speaker at the United Way of Ventura County’s Women United Luncheon May 10th at Cal Lutheran University (Courtesy photo).

If there’s one person qualified to present to a group of Women United, it’s Dr. Aida Hurtado. And on Friday, May 10th, Dr. Hurtado will be the featured speaker at the United Way of Ventura County’s Women United 3rd Annual Luncheon, honoring single moms who are pursuing their education.

Dr. Aida Hurtado holds the Luis Leal Endowed Chair in the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at UCSB. She is a social psychologist whose research focuses on race, class, ethnicity, sexuality, and gender, specializing in educational equity for Chicanas/os, Chicana feminist theory, and media representations of Latinos. She has written a number of books on feminist theory, women’s issues, and Latino educational achievement, including: Voicing Chicana Feminisms: Young Women Speak Out on Sexuality and Identity; The Color of Privilege: Three Blasphemies on Race and Feminism; and Chicana/o Identity in a Changing U.S. Society: ¿Quién Soy? ¿Quiénes Somos? with Patricia Gurin of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In her upcoming book, Chicana Intersectional Feminisms: Sitios y Lenguas (Spaces and Languaging), Dr. Hurtado introduces the field of Chicana feminist analysis.

She is also a member of the Women’s March Steering Committee and was a featured speaker at the historic Women’s March on Washington in 2017 and 2018. Before joining the Department of Chicana and Chicano Studies at UCSB, Dr. Hurtado spent more than 20 years in the Psychology Department at UC Santa Cruz.

As soon as she learned about the May 10th Women United Luncheon and was approached about speaking at the event, she jumped at the opportunity.

“I have worked with other organizations, like the Chicana/Latina Foundation out of San Francisco, who give out scholarships to young Latinas, and from their stories and from having attended their events, the testimonials these single moms give are quite striking,” said Dr. Hurtado. “And it doesn’t have to be a lot of money. Sometimes just a small amount is what gets them over the hump to keep going and continuing their education, so I was immediately attracted to that goal because I knew how effective it can be.”

When she takes the stage to speak at the luncheon, her message will be focused on the importance of education and providing opportunities for young women to succeed.

“In the work I’ve done with young women, education is number one. If we can create opportunities that advance their education at the same time that they’re taking care of their children, that is the number one way to get them to a better situation economically, emotionally, psychologically for themselves and for their children.”

Dr. Hurtado believes everyone involved with the event, including both the single moms in attendance and the Women United supporters, will benefit from the gathering.

“I want people to leave with a sense of empathy and accomplishment, because I think by participating in this luncheon, they’ll gain insight on what these young women have to offer all of us,” said Dr. Hurtado. “And by attending the luncheon they will have contributed to these women’s success.”

Dr. Hurtado has received many awards and honors for her work, including the Women of Color Psychologies Award from the Association of Women in Psychology and the American Educational Research Association’s SAGE Award for distinguished contributions to gender equity in education research.

“We are honored to have Dr. Hurtado joining us for this year’s Women United Luncheon,” said United Way of Ventura County CEO Eric Harrison. “She is the perfect person to inspire both the Women United Educational Award recipients and the Women United supporters that will be in the room, and we can’t wait to hear from her.”

The 3rd Annual Women United Luncheon will recognize Ventura County single mothers who are pursuing their education and supporting their families in the process. Recipients of the Women United Educational Award are single mothers who are completing their associates degree and transferring to a four year university or technical program, and have children under the age of 18 living in the home. The financial award may be used to offset any costs associated with efforts to attain higher education, including tuition, books, childcare, and transportation.

Women United 3rd Annual Luncheon

Time and Date: 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Friday, May 10

Location: California Lutheran University, Gilbert Sports & Fitness Center

Luncheon Tickets: $100 each. After May 1, 2019, price increases to $125.

Luncheon Tickets are available online at

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