Alicia Journey Joins Conflict Solutions Center

Conflict Solutions Center (CSC) has recently welcomed Alicia Journey, Esq. to its team as the Director of the Restorative Community Network. Journey holds a BA from Westmont College in Psychology and an advanced degree in Law and Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University. Her experience as a former Legislative Aide on Capitol Hill, as a Prosecutor and a Civil Practitioner in Riverside and Santa Barbara Counties, and as a parent of two young children, allows for her to bring a unique perspective to her role at CSC.

It was Journey’s experience in the justice system that drew her to CSC’s Restorative Practices of resolving conflict. She is a firm believer that the power of community offers a transformative and lasting impact on juveniles, their families and the community. “I believe that our community has all the tools needed to make a difference for youth, to prevent crime, and to provide creative and healing solutions during and after significant life events. It takes a community to make an impression and takes a Network to make a transformation.”

The Restorative Community Network is a web of individuals and organizations committed to working together to address issues contributing to juvenile crime. RCN strives to create a harmonious and thriving community utilizing Restorative Practices and collaborative partnerships.

Restorative Justice is a community-based approach to addressing crime, the effects of crime, and the prevention of crime, emphasizing the attempt to repair harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. A Restorative Justice process operates from a belief that the path to justice lies in problem solving and healing through reconciliation with victims and the community at large, rather than punitive isolation.

Founded in 1989, Conflict Solutions Center is a community-based non-profit organization committed to the development of non-adversarial responses to conflict and differences that strengthen social harmony and support individual healing. The organization serves the communities of Santa Barbara County by providing compassionate communication, appropriate dispute resolution and problem solving practices, Restorative Justice, consultation, training, and mediation services.

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