Adelante Charter School Welcome New Principal – David Bautista


Mr. Bautista was instrumental in establishing numerous dual-language and multilingual programs offered throughout the state of Oregon.

SANTA BARBARA, CA- The Adelante Charter School Board of Directors is delighted to announce the selection Mr. David Bautista as the school’s new Executive Director/Principal. “Adelante is a pearl in the Santa Barbara community,” said Mr. Bautista, who most recently served as Assistant Superintendent for the Oregon Department of Education where he oversaw the Education and Equity Unit responsible for English learner programs and outcomes. He was instrumental in establishing numerous dual-language and multilingual programs offered throughout the state of Oregon, focusing on closing the opportunity gap for culturally and linguistically diverse students.

vMr. Bautista earned dual bachelor’s degrees at the University of Guadalajara, Mexico, and a masters of arts degree from the University of Arizona. He has administrative experience as a PK-12 charter school director, a superintendent and assistant state superintendent. 

Mr. Bautista brings extensive knowledge and expertise in multilingual education as well as a passion and vision for world-class education where proficiency in more than one language is essential. He has worked with seminal researchers in the area of dual-language education and has contributed to numerous publications and projects.  “From theory to practice, the development of two or more languages is my passion,” said Mr. Bautista, who envisions Adelante as a “model charter school in California and in the nation.” 

He will be joining the Adelante community starting September 26, 2016. “Adelante Charter School is poised for our next phase of growth and Mr. Bautista has the passion and skills to help us become the premiere two way immersion school on the Central Coast,” said Adelante Charter School board president Dominic Paszkeicz.  

Mr. Bautista will succeed Juanita Hernandez who led the school through tremendous growth for almost seven years. 

About Adelante Charter School 

Adelante Charter School is a Spanish-English immersion elementary school, where every child enters as a second language learner and every child graduates bilingual and biliterate. Adelante’s two-way immersion (TWI) program design has been shown to be the most effective way to teach a second language to all learners. Children who are bilingual demonstrate a cognitive advantage that could last a lifetime, affecting skills related to planning, problem-solving, mental focus, and memory. Within this language and culture-rich environment, Adelante implements an outstanding academic program with emphasis on science, math, technology, and the arts.


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