Part IV: Santa Barbara Businesses Give Back to the Community

Part IV: Santa Barbara Businesses Give Back to the Community

Pacific Coast Business Times & InAlliance Financial Planning

Over the course of the last month, NPRN has been shining a light on a handful of business-nonprofit partnerships developing out of the Business Giving Roundtable to share with our members the varied methods companies are using to infuse philanthropic giving into their business models, as well as to showcase how nonprofits benefit big when they do.

Business Giving Roundtable (BGR) is a growing forum where local business leaders share strategic approaches to corporate social responsibility and employee volunteerism. BGR promotes business giving, and elevates the generous contributions of its members including local entrepreneurs, international corporations and local chambers of commerce. You can see the full list of members here.

One of Nonprofit Resource Network of Santa Barbara County’s goals is to be an outlet to share news coming from the sector. We were honored to attend a recent BGR gathering with the purpose of sharing with our members strategies about how local companies are infusing philanthropy into their business models. Today, in our last post of this series, we focus on Pacific Coast Business Times and InAlliance Financial Planning.

Pacific Coast Business Times

“It’s fun to engage your staff in the nonprofit community. It’s extremely satisfying and very rewarding.” – Linda LeBrock

pcPacific Coast Business Times is the business journal for Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. The journal helps to promote nonprofits by spreading the word about their events and fundraisers, providing local organizations with $300,000 of in-kind media sponsorship a year. The news outlet also covers the nonprofit community editorially, and boasts an event calendar which serves as a space for local organizations to promote upcoming events and campaigns. To top it off, Pacific Coast Business Times develops “The Giving Guide” annually which features nonprofits, foundations and cultural organizations. This guide is a valuable source of information for the business community, outlining how charitable and volunteer activity can yield the greatest impact in the tri-counties.

InAlliance Financial Planning

“We help our clients get involved with the nonprofit community by narrowing down their priorities, and choosing which nonprofits would be a good fit for their giving.” Tina Fanucchi-Frontado

inalliance_logo_emailInAlliance Financial Planning is an independent, fee-only, financial planning and registered investment advisory firm providing services to both individuals and small businesses. InAlliance supports a number of non-profit organizations in Santa Barbara, including the Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC), the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation and the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation.  Recently, InAlliance was asked to join the BCRC’s strategic planning committee and helped to develop and implement a new vision and plan for future growth of the organization.  The team at InAlliance currently and in the past, also serve as board members of the organizations.  InAlliance works with clients to convey the importance of philanthropy, and helps incorporate a philanthropic perspective into their financial planning.  Giving back to the community provides both individual and corporate clients a greater sense of purpose in their lives and businesses.

Thanks for joining us over course of the last month to learn about businesses giving back to Santa Barbara county organizations through innovative, impactful partnerships. For more information about the Business Giving Roundtable, or to join, please contact Judy Hawkins at (805) 455-8381 or or visit

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