Part I: Santa Barbara Businesses Give Back to Community

Over the course of the next month, NPRN will be shining a light on a handful of business-nonprofit partnerships developing out of the Business Giving Roundtable to show the varied methods companies are using to infuse philanthropic giving into their business models, as well as how nonprofits benefit big when they do.

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In 2016 alone, Pacific Coast Business Times provided nearly $300,000 dollars of in-kind advertisement to Santa Barbara county nonprofits in an effort to elevate the causes, campaigns and fundraisers being spearheaded by our region’s social sector. The team at Accountix, an outsource finance and bookkeeping company, has established a program in which each staff member research and choose a local organization that they will provide in-kind services for. These were only two of the many exciting partnerships recently shared at a Business Giving Roundtable gathering.

Business Giving Roundtable (BGR) is a growing forum where local business leaders share strategic approaches to corporate social responsibility and employee volunteerism. BGR promotes business giving, and elevates the generous contributions of its members including local entrepreneurs, international corporations and local chambers of commerce. You can see the full list of members here. Today, we focus on Montecito Bank & Trust, Cox Communications, and LoaCom.

One of Nonprofit Resource Network of Santa Barbara County’s goals is to be an outlet to share news coming from the sector.  We were honored to attend the gathering with the purpose of reporting back on how these companies infuse philanthropy into their business models and sharing the stories with our NPRN community.

Montecito Bank & Trust

“Montecito Bank & Trust gives away $1 million dollars to Santa Barbara County nonprofits at the Community Dividends Lunch. Those who come enjoy the face time they get to spend with the one hundred and fifty other executives and board chairs in attendance.” – Michael Towbes

mbtMontecito Bank & Trust has always been interested in involving employees in charitable giving and volunteering. Each year, on the Monday before Thanksgiving, Montecito Bank & Trust invites 150 nonprofit executives for it’s Community Dividends lunch at the Biltmore where one million dollars is awarded to critical causes throughout Santa Barbara county. This year will be the 15th annual lunch that Montecito Bank & Trust will host. Employees are intricately involved in the process of planning this lunch by selecting the nonprofits that will be invited. While this event was formerly solely a lunch, Montecito Bank & Trust recognized the value in face to face interaction among the executives and board members in attendance and added an hour-long reception prior to allow for this. This year, Montecito Bank & Trust will be offering attendees an optional free workshop on cyber-security for nonprofits prior to the reception. If your organization missed this year’s deadline, make sure to apply in 2017!

Cox Communications

“In partnership with the Museum of Exploration and Innovation, Cox is helping to highlight careers in science and technology in hopes of inspiring all children.” – Kristen McLaughlin 

cox_logoCox Communications is a family owned and operated business with third and fourth generation family members now operating the business. James Cox, Cox Communications founder, wrote into his will that the company should always stay engaged with and invested in the community. Cox has a long history of working with Santa Barbara county nonprofits, but one of the projects they are especially excited about at the moment is a corporate sponsorship with MOXI which will include an installment that tells the history of the modern internet. In addition, as an effort to cultivate an interest in science and technology among the youth, MOXI will profile the backgrounds of Cox Communications employees throughout the museum to inspire children to consider careers in science and technology.


“LoaCom is determined to fuse the best of the business world and nonprofit sector.” David Fortson

screen-shot-2016-09-28-at-10-46-39-amLoaCom is a marketing and communications marketing agency that is focused on providing services to better world companies, organizations, and institutions. LoaCom is a member of 1% for the Planet gives 1% of its annual profits to local environmental organizations such as Sprout Up, Community Environmental Council and Environmental Defense Center. The co-founders draw from experience gained in the nonprofit, for-profit, and philanthropic worlds and are determined to fuse the best aspects of these for the clients they serve. LoaCom believes mission-driven businesses are one of the strongest tools to make an impact in the community. 

Taking direction from Hutton Parker Foundation and the Foundation Roundtable, LoaCom manages the build out and growth of Nonprofit Resource Network for Santa Barbara County. NPRN’s members are eager to learn about business and nonprofit partnerships as well as activity and trends throughout the sector. 

Stay tuned over the next month to learn about a handful of other businesses giving back to Santa Barbara county organizations through innovative, impactful partnerships!

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